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Natural Bridges, Utah

We are currently staying in Monticello, Utah which is more or less in the southeast corner of the state.  We’ve had poor weather the first three days we were here, with mixed snow and rain on Mother’s Day and temperatures in the mid-20’s each night.  Today the weather finally cleared up and we took a trip to Natural Bridges, about an hour and a half drive southwest of us.

Monticello is located under the Abajo Mountains, which are called the Blue Mountains locally.  There were a few streaks of snow when we first got here, but after the stormy weather this weekend, it has been re-topped with new snow.

The Abajo Mountains
The Abajo Mountains

The drive to Natural Bridges was through some pretty spectacular scenery.   Natural Bridges itself is part of a layer of Permian sandstone that underlays several layers of very reddish rocks.  The sandstone gets cut into deep and narrow canyons by streams and are very picturesque.  Where the sandstone is on the surface it often gets sculpted into very interesting forms.

Natural Bridges 02

This has to have happened through the action of water but given the location of some of these forms it is real hard to see how the water got there.

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