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Seen on the road near Mexican Hat

Mexican Hat is a town about 20 miles north of Monument Valley and named for a local rock formation.  We passed it on the way to Monticello, Utah which is where we are parked now.

Mexican Hat 3
Mexican Hat Rock

While we were still a distance away from Mexican Hat, we noticed the mountains in the background were strikingly colored and and even more strikingly patterned.

Mexican Hat 2

We took the side road to the rock formation, and the reason for the patterning became more apparent.

Mexican Hat 4

I don’t know what causes the different colors in the layers of rock but the layers look like they were lifted in the middle into a graceful curve, and then later eroded along the lines of the layers.  I think this type of formation is called a geosyncline.

Mexican Hat 1

This pattern though, was repeated in much smaller form near Mexican Hat rock.  This is a small hill only about 150 feet high, whereas the mountains in the background were at least a couple of thousand feet high.  This patterning looks a bit like a Serape and may be part of the reason why it is called Mexican Hat.