Sha’arei Shalom Temple Ashland
Susan’s Temple in Ashland. Very nice people and community.

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
The best hospital in Boston. Richard has worked there for over 28 years.

Our family tree is on Rootsweb, under the name of Arpijay5.

Robert Collins Photography
Rob Collins is our nephew.

Action Laminates
Richard’s brother Dan’s company. He built it from scratch by himself and we’re proud of him.

Escapees RV Club
We belong to the Escapees Club and anyone into RV’ing should belong too.

SKP Saguaro RV Co-op
The nicest RV park we’ve ever been in and it’s now our permanent home (well at least during the winter).

PFT Blog
Richard’s Blog on Pulmonary Function testing

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