Mayflower Connection

We have at least one ancestor, Francis Cooke, that came over on the Mayflower. This, of course, along with the other 30 million people in North America for whom this is true, makes us special. Our connection is through Hannah Perry, who married Bowen Aylsworth.

Francis Cooke was born in 1584 to Edward and Alice (Caunton) Cooke in England. He married Hester Mahieu, daughter of Jacques and Jeanne La Mahieu, in the Netherlands in 1603. They had five children; Jane (b. 1604), John (b. 1606), Jacob (b. 1618) and Hester (b. 1620) were born in Leiden in the Netherlands, and Mary (b. 1626) who was born in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Francis and his son, John, came on the Mayflower. His wife, Hester, came with Jane, Jacob and Hester on the ship, Anne, a few years later. Francis was a signer of the Mayflower Compact, and served his community a surveyor, as he was appointed in 1637 to the committee to lay out highways, and was supervisor of the highways for Plymouth in 1641, 1642 and 1645. Francis died in 1663 and Hester died in 1666.

Jane Cooke married Experience Mitchell (b. abt 1609), the son of Thomas and Margaret (Williams) Mitchell in 1627. Experience had joined Plymouth colony in 1623, also arriving on the ship, Anne. They had at least three children; Elizabeth (b. 1627), Thomas (b. abt 1631) and Mary (b. abt 1632). Experience and his family moved to Duxbury, Massachusetts in the late 1630’s. Jane died before 1640. Experience married Mary (parentage unknown) in 1640 or 1641, and had at least five more children; Sarah (b. 1640), Jacob, Edward (b. 1647), Thomas (1666) and Hannah. Experience died in 1689.

Elizabeth Mitchell married John Washburn (b. 1620), son of John and Margery (Moore) Washburn in 1645. John had arrived in New England with his mother and brother, Philip, in 1635, joining his father who had arrived some time earlier. The Washburns settled initially in Duxbury, Massachusetts, and later moved to Bridgewater. Elizabeth and John had eleven children; Elizabeth, Jonathan, Samuel (b. abt 1651), Joseph (b. abt 1653), Benjamin (b. abt 1661) , Mary (b. 1661), Thomas (b. abt 1662), John, James (b. 1672), Jane and Sarah. Elizabeth died before 1684 and John died in 1686.

James Washburn married Mary Bowden (b. 1669) in 1693. They had nine children; Mary (b. 1694), Anna (b. 1696), James (b. 1698), Edward (b. 1700), Moses (b. 1702), Gideon (b. 1704), Sarah (b. 1706), Martha (b. 1708) and Elizabeth (b. 1710). Mary died in 1747 and James died in 1749.

James Washburn (II) married Elizabeth Leonard (b. 1702), daughter of Josiah Leonard, in 1720. They had five children; Simeon (b. 1721), Reuben, Ebenezer, Mary, and Josiah (b. 1732). James died in 1749 and Elizabeth died in 1783.

Simeon Washburn married Jemima Gary (b. 1721), daughter of Stephen and Mary Mercy (Gilbert) Gary about 1746. They had at least one child, Jemima Gary (b. 1754). Simeon was born in Taunton, Massachusetts and married Jemima there. They moved to Keene, New Hampshire likely in the 1770’s. Simeon died in 1802 and Jemima died in 1840. Both are buried in Keene, New Hampshire.

Jemima Gary Washburn married Robert Perry, son of David and Margaret Wilmouth (Dryer) Perry, in 1771. They moved to Rutland, Vermont in 1772, where their first three children were born; Robert (b. 1772), Amy (b. 1775) and Patience (b. 1777). In 1777, Robert enlisted with his cousin, David Shorey, in the Queen’s Loyal Rangers, under Lt. Col. Peters, and fought at the Battle of Bennington and the Battle of Saratoga. In 1782 he was appointed to Cpl. Jessup’s Loyal Rangers and afterward had to flee with his family to Quebec after General Burgoyne’s surrender. Jemima and Robert’s next three children were born in Michiche, St. Maurice County, Quebec; Daniel (b. 1779), Hannah(b. 1781) and David (b. 1783). The family re-settled in Bath, Ernesttown, Ontario where their remaining four children were born; Sarah (b. 1785), Ebenezer (b. 1788), Mary (b. 1791) and Peter (b. 1792). Jemima and Robert died a week apart from each other in 1830.

Hannah Perry married Bowen Aylesworth in 1797 in Ernesttown, Ontario.


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