Aylsworth Family

Our connection to the Aylsworth family is through Lola Adelaide Aylsworth, who married Tantum Milward Howitt.

The earliest member of the Aylsworth family that can be reliably traced is Arthur Aylsworth, born about 1653 in Wales, England who emigrated to Rhode Island in the 1670’s. He married Mary Brown, daughter of Rev. John and Mary (Holmes) Brown in 1680. They settled in Quidnesset, Rhode Island, which is south of Providence on Naragansett Bay. They had ten children; Robert (b. 1685), Arthur (b. 1685), John (b. 1685), Mary (b. 1688), Thomas (b. 1689), Elizabeth (b.1691), Philip (b. 1692), Katherine (b. 1694), Chad (b. 1696) and Martha (b. 1698). Arthur died in 1725.

Philip Aylesworth married Rachel Greene, daughter of Daniel and Rebecca (Barrow) Greene and settled in North Kingston, Rhode Island, which is slightly inland of Quidnesset. They had eight children; Elizabeth, Sarah, Phebe, Martha, Elizabeth, Philip, Arthur (b. 1721), and Job (b. 1722). One story of this family worth noting is that Phebe’s first husband, Henry Tibbets, left her, joined the British regulars and died in debt. She married her second husband, Jonathan Allen, in the public highway, near the Aylesworth homestead, in her shift, which was likely a way of her or her family saying that she came without a dowery or property to her new husband.

Job Aylesworth married Sarah Clark and had one son, Othniel (b. abt 1742). After his first wife died, Job married Sarah Aylsworth (a great-granddaughter of Arthur, and his first cousin, once removed) in 1765. They had eleven children; Job Joab (b. 1767), Esek (b. 1768), Sarah (b. 1770), Elsie (b. 1772), Elizabeth (b. 1774), Esther (b. abt 1775), Bowen (b. 1778), Benjamin (b. 1780), Haskell (b. 1782), Catherine (b. 1786), John (b. 1787). In 1772, Job, Sarah and their first five children moved to Shodack Township in Rensslaer County, New York.

In 1788 Job, Sarah and their family emigrated to Ernesttown, Ontario. Ernesttown is north of the Bay of Quinte on the northern shore of Lake Ontario, and was one of a number of townships in Ontario created by the British following the Revolutionary War to re-settle loyalists. The reasons why Job and his family emigrated are unclear. Although they may have actually considered themselves loyalists, these township lands were supposed to have been reserved for the men or the families of men that had fought on the side of the British, and this does not appear to be case for Job or any of the Aylsworths. However, at this time Ernesttown was mostly wilderness, and life was quite difficult there. Many of those entitled to these lands sold them instead and large tracts were available for a pittance, and it may be this which brought Job and his family there. Job and Sarah died in 1803, during what may have been a typhus epidemic, and are buried in Ernesttown.

Bowen Aylesworth marred Hannah Perry, daughter of Robert and Jemima Gary (Washburn) Perry on November 12, 1797. Robert Perry was a member of Corporal Jessup’s Loyal Rangers and had fled to Canada after General Burgoyne’s surrender. Hannah married Bowen without her father’s permission, and it was a number of years before they reconciled. Bowen and Hannah had fifteen children; Benjamin (b. 1798), Job (b. 1800), David (b. 1801), John (b. 1803), Robert (b. 1805), Henry Ryan (b. 1807), Elizabeth (b. 1809), Daniel Perry (b.1811), Isaac Brock (b. 1812), Mary Jemima (b. 1815), Sarah Ann (b. 1817), Peter Perry (b. 1819), Mercy (b. 1821), Ebenezer (b. 1823) and Esther (b. 1826).

Bowen was described by his contemporaries as “a man of somewhat abrupt address, wasting few words in empty compliments, but of great equanimity of character, contented, prudent, and unostentatious, hewing square to the line of settled convictions” and “a model of industry, economy, and perseverance”. During his life he helped establish the Christian Guardian, a Toronto newspaper, as well as Victoria College, and was one of the earliest and foremost supporters of the temperance movement in Canada. Bowen died in 1863 and Hannah died in 1866.

Daniel Perry Aylesworth married Lucinda Fralick, daughter of Martin and Hannah (Huffman) Fralick in 1835. They had thirteen children; Ebenezer (b. 1836), Almeda Harriet (b. 1838), Cephas Miller (b. 1839), Julian Ann (b. 1841), Mercy Jane (b. 1843), Amarilla Minerva (b. 1844), William Nial (b. 1846), Ida Matilda (b. 1849), Richard Phelps (b. 1851), Henry Willis (b. 1853), Mary Elizabeth (b. 1855), Peter (b. 1857), and Lola Adelaide (b.1861). In the late 1840’s the Daniel, Lucinda and their family moved from Newburgh in Lennox-Addington county, which is near Ernesttown, to Dorchester, Middlesex county, further west. Daniel was at times during his life a farmer, a merchant, a preacher and a town clerk. He died in 1902.

Lola Adelaide Aylseworth married Tantum Milward Howitt on July 20, 1882 in Detroit, Michigan. They had five children; Ethel Edith, Milward Tantum Perry, Ida Langley, Winifred M. and Richard Lancelot. Lola and Tantum died in 1907.


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