Family History

I got involved in researching my family history about 20 years ago.  Susan and I were putting together a remembrance album for her parent’s 40th wedding anniversary and started scanning some old family photos so they could be duplicated and shared.   Susan wasn’t sure who some of the people were in some of the photos so that got us started putting together a family tree for her family.  That lead me into researching my own family history.

My parent’s families lived in Michigan but I grew up in California.  Once every three years my family would trek back to Michigan and visit their families but we lived 2500 miles away so I never really had much opportunity to know them all that well.  In particular my parents talked very little about their own parents and not at all about their grandparents. In one sense that let me start with a blank slate but it also meant that it took me quite a few years before I had a real outline of our family tree in place.   I’ve enjoyed the research and got a thrill whenever I had a breakthrough of one kind or another.

I’ve met other researchers that I’ve helped and who have helped me.  These stories are the result of my research and I am happy to the share source material with anyone in my extended family that is interested.

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