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Cable TV Repaired

When we moved to Lot 6 a year ago there was one minor problem and that was that the cable TV didn’t work.  As a “temporary” solution facilities loaned us a 100 ft video extension cable and we’ve been “borrowing” the cable TV signal from a neighbor since then.  The “borrowed” signal wasn’t very good (a lot of snow and static) and I asked about having our cable TV repaired a couple of times and in finally got into the work queue.

When the cable TV system was installed years ago they were mostly interested in doing it on the cheap so they didn’t install any conduit, just buried the cable.  Cable TV is slowly failing across the park because of this so now when they fix anything, they are doing it right.  Even so, they had to dig a trench from the closest cable TV distribution box which was on our downhill neighbors lot.

The crew from Facilities (fellow park members) showed up around 8AM and started digging from the distribution box up the hill to us.  They didn’t use any power tools except an electric jackhammer.

Once the trench was dug, they laid the conduit and cable which came on a giant spool and attached it to the cable junction on our end.

I didn’t realize they were digging a trench for us at first.  The Casita on the lot next to us has been undergoing renovations so I thought that the jackhammer sounds were coming from there.  By the time they got the trench to the back of our lot I figured out that something was going on and went out to see what it was.  Ended up helping them dig the rest of the way and then filling it in afterwards and cleaning up.

We finally have static-free cable, which is nice.  Before they fixed it there were only a couple channels that you could see over the snow, now we can see all 46 channels.