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We meet up with Kevin and Chris in Cortez

The reason that we’re in Cortez, Colorado is that my youngest brother, Kevin said that he and Chris (Ingebritsen, Karen’s brother) would be there on a motorcycle trip around July 14th and it would be nice if we could get together.  Their plans got moved forward a couple of days, so they didn’t arrive in Cortez until Sunday the 16th.

Motorcycling is Kevin’s passion and he and Chris are taking a three week tour of the Rockies, more or less following the Continental Divide.  Kevin dropped by and we got caught up with each other on Sunday evening.  Cortez is actually they’re starting point and both Kevin and Chris came by for coffee the next morning on their way up 145 to Telluride.

From Telluride they’re planning on following any number of dirt roads as they work their way north.  Susan and I wish them well but overall, we much prefer traveling in a motor home.

Harriet’s 60th

One of the main reasons we drove to New England was to attend Susan’s younger sister, Harriet’s 60th birthday get-together.  It’s been a year and a half since we last saw Susan’s family so it was good to see them all in one place.

Harriet with her two sons, Rob (left) and Paul (right).
Susan’ siblings. Paul, Mark, Harriet and Neal with Susan.
Susan and Mark

The get-together was held at Alta Strada restaurant, at the Foxwoods resort/casino in Connecticut.  The food and service were excellent, but it was very noisy which made it hard to talk with anybody.  We ran into Mark about a half hour early and he gave Susan $5 to spend on a slot machine. She won a couple extra rounds but the money ran out pretty quickly and if hadn’t been that Mark gave her the seed money she wouldn’t have done it in the first place.  Although we’ve been to many resort/casinos we’re always there because of a show or a restaurant and neither of us are gamblers (nor do we really understand the urge at all).

Rachel visits

We’re in an RV campground in Clinton, Connecticut.  Rachel and Scott were delivering one of Scott’s nephews to a college orientation in Hartford, Connecticut.  Since she was about an hour’s drive away she drove down to see us.

Rachel and Susan
Rachel and Richard

We are always glad to see her and it was good to hear that she and Scott are doing well. With any luck, we might see her again this year depending when (and if) we make it to Oregon.

Susan’s broken arm, mostly healed

Susan had her last visit with the orthopedist and her left arm has healed and she doesn’t need another appointment with him unless something goes wrong in the future.  She had an X-ray and it shows a lot of improvement (left side) from one of her earlier X-rays (right side).


The Orthopedist said that a ball of bone always forms around where it was broken and that it will smooth out over the next year.  It still aches at times but she’s been out of the brace for almost two months and it’s much better than it was.

On Halloween we revealed our true identities

The SKP park had a Halloween Party last night.  They have on every year up but until now we’ve always arrived in the park no earlier than November 1st so this is the first time we’ve gone.  We had some fun with costumes and I attached LED lights to Susan’s wheelchair.   We also got programmable LED badges.  Susan came as a cat so of course her badge said “Meow! Meow! Purrrrr”.


I came a mad scientist (always wanted to be one) and my badge said “Bwa-ha-ha-ha!  It’s alive!”.


Them’s the breaks

A week ago, while getting Susan back to bed after a trip to the bathroom in the middle of the night her left arm got caught under her as I was trying to move her.  We heard a pop and suddenly her arm hurt a lot.  She toughed it out over the weekend, with both of us hoping it was just sprained or something but by Monday it still wasn’t feeling any better so I asked her primary physician to order an x-ray.  We drove into Tucson for the x-ray yesterday, got back, had some lunch and then her doctor’s office called and said get back to the ER, her arm is broken.  We spent a good part of Wednesday in the ER and they ended up putting a brace, not a cast on it.  They said it would take 5-6 weeks for it to heal and we already have a couple follow-up appointments scheduled.  Susan has osteoporosis so I guess we’ll have to be even more careful in the future.  As you may guess, it hurts but other than the brace and taking pain med there’s not much she can do about it.  She is telling everybody it’s my fault and I guess since I was the one trying to move her there’s at least some truth to that.  My response however, is that if I had intended to hurt her I wouldn’t have left any marks or bruises and that she should keep that in mind.  Hasn’t stopped her though.


Susan’s new hat

We went shopping at a nearby Wally-world for a variety of odds-and-ends but also partly because Susan wanted a new hat.  We couldn’t find a mirror for her to see how she looked in it so I took a photo with my smartphone and showed her that intead.


So many times I try real hard to get photos to come out right and they end up coming out blurred or too dark or too light.  This time I just snapped a quick photo and it came out real well.  Go figure.

Rachel and Scott visit

Rachel and Scott drove up from Boston to visit us in Eastport.  They stayed in a local B&B and we fed them from our grill while they were here.  It was overcast but otherwise nice and we spent most of the day outside talking.

Unfortunately the photos didn’t come out all that well.  I’d like to blame somebody else but it was my camera and believe it or not these are the best of all of those taken.

Rachel and Scott


Richard, Rachel and Susan
Richard, Rachel and Susan