We meet up with Kevin and Chris in Cortez

The reason that we’re in Cortez, Colorado is that my youngest brother, Kevin said that he and Chris (Ingebritsen, Karen’s brother) would be there on a motorcycle trip around July 14th and it would be nice if we could get together.  Their plans got moved forward a couple of days, so they didn’t arrive in Cortez until Sunday the 16th.

Motorcycling is Kevin’s passion and he and Chris are taking a three week tour of the Rockies, more or less following the Continental Divide.  Kevin dropped by and we got caught up with each other on Sunday evening.  Cortez is actually they’re starting point and both Kevin and Chris came by for coffee the next morning on their way up 145 to Telluride.

From Telluride they’re planning on following any number of dirt roads as they work their way north.  Susan and I wish them well but overall, we much prefer traveling in a motor home.

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