Dolores River Canyon

We are currently parked at a RV campground in Cortez, Colorado.  The Dolores River is nearby and originates in the Rockies.  Route 145 follows the Dolores River Canyon, and eventually all the way to Telluride.  Route 145 is at about 6400 feet altitude as you pass through the town of Dolores and rises steadily thereafter.  The canyon starts off relatively broad with shallow slopes that are sparsely populated with small trees but relatively quickly the rocks underneath start to show and the trees get taller.

The river was still fairly wide at this point.

As we continued to travel north on Route 145 the canyon narrowed and the walls got steeper.  Most notably the color of the rocks changed to red.

The trees became mostly pine and spruce and became tall enough that it was hard to see the walls of the canyon.  We still saw a lot of exposed rock and were able to find a few places to turn off and get a look at it.

We finally turned around at about 8200 feet of altitude, in part because it was getting dark and cloudy.  Overall it was an interesting and scenic drive and we’re glad we made it.

We passed several RV parks along the way and some looked inviting, at least for a short stay.  Trees would probably block our satellite dish and we were getting 1 bar of 1x cell coverage so we probably wouldn’t be able to stay too long (I still work on-line, remember?).


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