Mount Blanca

Mount Blanca. 14,344 feet high.  Still a small amount of snow and it’s the middle of July. Seen along Highway 160 while we were driving from Pueblo to South Fork, Colorado.

We took Highway 160 because it was the most direct route from Interstate 25 to Cortez, Colorado.  In retrospect we probably should have taken a more southerly route even if it was longer.  Route 160 reaches 9600 feet altitude before we reached Mount Blanca and Fort Garland.  We stayed in a campground near South Fork, at an altitude of 8400 feet.  The next day after we left the campground to head for Cortez we climbed to 10,800 feet  before we reached the pass.  It was slow driving up to the pass and necessarily slow driving down (7% grade! and the downhill speed limit posted for our motor home was 25 mph!).

I’ve told Susan to whack me upside the head if I ever suggest a “scenic route” for the motor home.  I thought we were taking the most direct route and although I looked at it relatively closely I didn’t realize just how high up we’d get while traveling it.

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