Carnegie Museum of Art and Architecture, the Art part

As I already mentioned, we didn’t realize that the Carnegie Museum of Art shared the same building(s) as the Museum of Natural History so we weren’t really prepared for it.  The Museum of Art has pretty much the entire second floor of the Museum complex.  What was immediately striking, were the art nouveau murals around the second floor lobby we saw as soon as we got off the elevator.

A couple of the murals around the lobby on the second floor
Another mural around the second floor lobby
Another mural from around the second floor lobby
Wall of murals from around the second floor lobby

From the lobby we went into the the Design Exhibit which was largely concerned with design of common, everyday objects, such as these chairs:

Chair from the Design exhibit
Chair from the Design Exhibit

There was also this pottery:

Pottery from the Design Exhibit

And a number of items from Louis Tiffany, including this lamp:

Tiffany Lamp from the Design Exhibit

From the Design Exhibit we entered the main section of the Carnegie Museum of Art and in our opinion it went rapidly downhill from there.  The first several galleries were filled with Contemporary art, none of which made any particular sense to us, nor was any of it particularly interesting or cheerful.  We do try to keep an open mind and quite possibly we’re just too old-fashioned but our only thought was that if any of the Contemporary Art pieces were trying to send a message then that message was completely garbled and incomprehensible.  I’m afraid this spoiled the rest of the Art Museum for us.  By this time it was getting quite late in the afternoon and so we breezed through the rest of the museum. There is an awful lot there from a lot of different eras and cultures and I suspect that if we were more prepared then we would have appreciated at least some of it.  As it was we ran out of time and had to leave the museum and return to our motor home in New Stanton.

Don’t let our experience sour you on visiting the Carnegie Museum of Art.  Our reaction is partly because we weren’t expecting to visit this museum that day; partly because we were pressed for time; and partly because the initial galleries were filled with art we didn’t like. We loved the murals around the second floor lobby and spent a fair amount of time looking at them.  We also enjoyed the Design Exhibit so it wasn’t a complete waste of time for us.

The Carnegie Museum of Art gets a B+ for handicap accessibility.  There were elevators, although they were located quite a distance from the far end of the Museum and we had to return to the first floor in order to find a handicap accessible bathroom, although that just may be because we didn’t look hard enough on the second floor.

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