Hershey’s Chocolate World

We’re staying at an RV campground in Jonestown, Pennsylvania, about 15 miles from Hershey, Pennsylvania, the home of the Hershey Chocolate Company.  The company is named after it’s founder, Milton Hershey and the town was originally named Derry Church but was later re-named for the company.  The Hershey Theme Park is here but we’re too old for the rides.   There is, however,  a very large Hershey Candy store called Hershey’s Chocolate World located next to the theme park.  Being confirmed chocoholics we of course had to stop and see it.

Susan with her loot from Hershey’s Chocolate World

There were several bus-loads of kids in the store (it’s summer, what did you expect?) which made it a bit noisy and chaotic, probably in keeping with the atmosphere of the theme park itself.  We wandered around for a while and settled mostly on an assortment of dark chocolate bars.

The one thing we couldn’t find was baking chocolate, which was a bit disappointing.  I make brownies regularly and have found Hershey baking chocolate to have a better flavor than the brands that are usually in the supermarkets.  For whatever reason I have difficulty finding it where we shop in Arizona and I usually have to order it from Amazon so it would have been nice to be able to pick up a case or two of it while were there.

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