Tularosa Basin Museum of History, Alamogordo, New Mexico

We saw this museum on the corner of 10th Street while driving through Alamogordo on our way to our RV park.  We hadn’t noticed it the last couple of times we’ve been through Alamogordo and since we had some time after having lunch we visited it.

Although small, it was reasonably well organized, mostly chronologically but also by subject.

Indian baskets and pottery
The Cowboy Past
The railroad line from El Paso and the logging railroad that went up to what is now Cloudcroft were big influences on the area around the turn of the prior century

Household items from the 1900’s to the 1930’s.
Adding machines and typewriters from the 1920’s to the 1950’s.
“Old-timers” get-together at White Sands in 1934. The photo caption said that there were 4000 people attending.
Bill Mauldin, the WWII writer and illustrator, was a local boy and they had a large exhibit of his work.
Roy Roger’s Trigger ride, probably from the late 1950’s.

We’ve been to a number of small history museums around the USA and this one was better than average.  My quibble with it, such as it is, is that a number of the exhibits were of local people who had some notoriety or effect on the history of the region, but who are otherwise unknown and probably of little interest to  visitors from outside the area.   Since it is a local history museum this makes sense but even so a bit better attention could have been paid to labeling some of the exhibits and putting them into better context.  We did however, enjoy our visit.

We give the museum an A- for accessibility.  The front door was slightly difficult to get through but there was good handicap parking, an easy ramp and the museum itself was eminently handicap accessible.  Susan was able to visit and see all of the exhibits from her wheelchair.

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