New awnings!

Our window awnings had gotten a bit worn due to both wind and sun.  The driver’s side awning had torn a bit and was starting to come off.  I contacted a local RV repair service (Kiwi RV Service) and found that they could replace them.  Steve from Kiwi replaced the window awnings about two months ago and we made arrangements with him at that time to replace the main awning as well.  The main awning took a while, not only to get it shipped from the manufacturer, but because it’s been windy for several weeks and one thing you don’t want to try to do is to replace a big awning when it’s windy.  Steve replaced the main awning today and it, and all the other awnings, look great.

The old awnings had been khaki-colored but considering the way the motor home has been painted I thought a darker brown would be better.

Our new driver's side awning
Our new driver’s side awning
The awning over the bedroom window and the main awning

And yes, despite what the camera makes it look like, they are all exactly the same color.

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