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White Christmas

Yesterday we had a fast moving storm come through the area with lots of wind and a fair amount of rain.  We didn’t get any snow but woke up this morning to snow on the mountains around us.

The Dragoon Mountains are about 20 miles to the east of us across the San Pedro River valley.

The Mae West Peaks are also east of us but a bit north of the Dragoon Mountains, on the other side of I-10 from us.

So, somewhat to our surprise, we had a White Christmas this year.  It was just a dusting however, because by late afternoon it had mostly melted away.


Desert landscape in wood

We went to Tucson’s 4th Avenue street fair yesterday.  This is an annual event where they block off a long section of 4th Avenue and set up an arts and crafts fair.  We’ve been to it several times before and it’s always fun.  There are artists, craftspeople and vendors from all over the Southwest.  In the past we’ve limited ourselves mostly to foods and occasionally jewelry for Susan but this year we went specifically looking for artwork we could display in our new casita.

We found this desert landscape made of small pieces of wood and done by an artist from Albuquerque.  We encountered his booth was relatively early in our meanderings so we didn’t buy it when we first saw it but went around to all the other booths first and then came back.

We were looking specifically for something like a desert landscape and were a bit surprised at how few of them we saw at the other artists’ booths.  A lot of other topics and landscapes from a lot of other parts of the world but not much that would be considered local art.  We didn’t buy it though because it was one of the few desert landscapes we saw but because we liked it and think it’ll look nice on the wall of the casita.

Other than that we picked up some fudge, kettle corn, and a shirt and a hat for Susan.  We had barbecue pork (me) and brisket (Susan) sandwiches from the Brushfire Barbecue booth (it’s a restaurant in Tucson that we’ve been to before).  Even though it was a Friday and the first day the fair was open, there were a lot of people there and I had to be careful not to run over people’s toes while pushing Susan’s wheelchair.  We made two trips around the entire fair and as I said it’s spread out a long ways down 4th Avenue, so by the time we were done I was more than ready to sit down for the drive home.

New awnings!

Our window awnings had gotten a bit worn due to both wind and sun.  The driver’s side awning had torn a bit and was starting to come off.  I contacted a local RV repair service (Kiwi RV Service) and found that they could replace them.  Steve from Kiwi replaced the window awnings about two months ago and we made arrangements with him at that time to replace the main awning as well.  The main awning took a while, not only to get it shipped from the manufacturer, but because it’s been windy for several weeks and one thing you don’t want to try to do is to replace a big awning when it’s windy.  Steve replaced the main awning today and it, and all the other awnings, look great.

The old awnings had been khaki-colored but considering the way the motor home has been painted I thought a darker brown would be better.

Our new driver's side awning
Our new driver’s side awning
The awning over the bedroom window and the main awning

And yes, despite what the camera makes it look like, they are all exactly the same color.