Super Moon in Benson

There was a lot of hype about the super moon.  All it is however, is a full moon that was occurring at the closest point of the moon’s orbit to earth so it was going to be the largest full moon (by angular diameter) for the next decade or so.  By sheer coincidence (not planned, really!) I happened to be out just around the time the moon was supposed to rise. There was a bunch of people out at the top of the main street in the RV park and I stopped to talk to a couple I knew and they said they were out to watch the super-moon rise, which it started to do about a minute later.  I almost always carry a camera so I took a couple of quick photos (if I’d planned ahead I would have brought the camera tripod).


The moon rose over the northern end of the Dragoon Mountains which are about 20 miles east of the RV Park.


I’ve never timed a moonrise before, but from the moment the top edge of the moon peeked over the Dragoons to the time it was fully up was less than three minutes which seemed quite fast.  To be honest the Moon always looks big when it’s near the horizon so I couldn’t say whether it was really any bigger than it usually is but it was a fun impromptu get-together with our neighbors.

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