A Sunset that was better than average

Yesterday the monsoon season let us know that it wasn’t done with us.  We had rain on and off all day and sometimes it was very intense.  Surprisingly the official rainfall total for Benson was only 0.15″ but we may have gotten more rain here than where the weather is recorded.  Today was much nicer, with blue skies and temperatures in the upper 80’s, but about 4 PM the power went out.  We later learned that power was out all through Benson and the surrounding communities out to a fair distance.  We got the generator in the motor home going and were able to keep the air conditioners and satellite TV’s on.

I went out a couple minutes ago to check and see if the power was back on (there’s nothing inside the motor home that lets us know one way or the other) and saw that our neighbor’s lights were back on.  But there was also a spectacular sunset going on so I waited to see it finish before going back inside and turning the generator off.

What first caught my eye was the view north of the park, which is the direction our front door faces.  There were a lot of sculptured clouds lit from the side.


Towards west the setting sun the sky was on fire.


And in the opposite direction the sunset colors were reflecting off a cloud east of us.


Certainly a better than average sunset.

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