Them’s the breaks

A week ago, while getting Susan back to bed after a trip to the bathroom in the middle of the night her left arm got caught under her as I was trying to move her.  We heard a pop and suddenly her arm hurt a lot.  She toughed it out over the weekend, with both of us hoping it was just sprained or something but by Monday it still wasn’t feeling any better so I asked her primary physician to order an x-ray.  We drove into Tucson for the x-ray yesterday, got back, had some lunch and then her doctor’s office called and said get back to the ER, her arm is broken.  We spent a good part of Wednesday in the ER and they ended up putting a brace, not a cast on it.  They said it would take 5-6 weeks for it to heal and we already have a couple follow-up appointments scheduled.  Susan has osteoporosis so I guess we’ll have to be even more careful in the future.  As you may guess, it hurts but other than the brace and taking pain med there’s not much she can do about it.  She is telling everybody it’s my fault and I guess since I was the one trying to move her there’s at least some truth to that.  My response however, is that if I had intended to hurt her I wouldn’t have left any marks or bruises and that she should keep that in mind.  Hasn’t stopped her though.


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