Monthly Archives: May 2016

Not something you expect to see every day

We were on our way to Tucson for (another) doctor’s appointment and got stuck in traffic near the Empirita Road exit around mile 292 on Interstate 10 because of road work.  I noticed something odd in the sky to our left.


When it got closer I was able to see it was a blimp and specifically, the Hendrick’s Gin blimp.


It was flying due East a couple hundred feet off the ground and was porpoising (steadily rising and falling) as it went by.  Whether that was to get our attention or because that’s the way it flies, I don’t know.  I later learned that its nickname is the “flying pickle” and had left San Diego a couple days before.  It was on a nationwide tour for National Pickle Day (May 15).

Not something you see every day while driving to Tucson.