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Locomotives in waiting

About 12 miles west of Benson, on the south side of Interstate 10, there is a spur line of the railroad.  I’ve never been sure what reason it has for being there since is nothing on that side of the highway but some ranches.

About mid-December I noticed while coming back from Tucson that there were a bunch of locomotives parked there.  It wasn’t until after a couple more trips that I realized just how many of them are parked there.


Here are the first of the locomotives you can see from the highway.


A little further along you can start to see how many of them there are.


It’s only when I got up on an overpass and looked back that I started to get some idea of how many are there.  Each dot in that line in the middle of the photo is a locomotive.


Looking off in the distance the other way.  Both the dark line and the yellow line are locomotives.

How many of them are there?  Certainly over a hundred and maybe as many as two hundred.  Why are they there?  They’ve been there for at least a month now and I haven’t got the slightest idea.  They could be obsolete and have been “put out to pasture” but they don’t really look any different than the locomotives we see pulling trains on the rail lines next to Interstate 10 every day.   We also haven’t noticed any fewer trains coming through Benson.  One of those little mysteries.