Garden of the Gods

We had been told about the Garden of the Gods by a friend who suggested we stop by and take a look as long as we were traveling nearby.  For that reason we are camped at the Garden of the Gods RV resort in Colorado Springs and yesterday we took a short drive to see them.

View of the Garden of the Gods Visitor Center
View of the Garden of the Gods from the Visitor Center

The Garden of the Gods is an outcropping of ancient sandstone that had originally been laid down around 300 million years ago.  The rise of the Rocky mountains (that’s Pike’s Peak covered by clouds in the background) turned the sandstone layers on their side and weathering and erosion have done the rest.

Sandstone leaves
Sandstone leaves or fingers

They reminded us strongly of Arches National Park in Utah which had similar layers of sandstone also turned on its side.  Like Arches, there were several fingers or leaves of sandstone.

More layered sandstone standing on edge

There were numerous bluffs and cliffs of red sandstone.


Sandstone layers
Sandstone layers

Erosion has caused many of the sandstone features to look almost like dripping wax.


Although most of the sandstone was an orangish-red, there was some white sandstone as well.


And some was a very light red, almost peach in color.


There was a concrete pathway that led through and around all of the sandstone features. There was a fair amount of up- and down-hill slopes on the pathway, but I was able to get Susan’s wheelchair all the way to the far end and back without too much difficulty.

The Garden of the Gods is a really beautiful park that is maintained by the city of Colorado Springs. There are walking and bike trails throughout the park and we saw several groups of rock climbers (you have to get a permit and show you have the right climbing gear). There is a road that goes all the way around the park with numerous spectacular views. The only downside was that there really should have been more scenic turnoffs since there were a number of quite notable views that we couldn’t stop and see.  It was well worth the visit and we wish we had budgeted a longer stay.

We’d give the Garden of the Gods a B+ for handicap accessibility.  There were a number of handicap parking spots and the concrete pathway was very accessible although I think that there were several inclines in the pathway where a person in a wheelchair would have difficulty getting up or down without assistance.

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