Replacing our tow dolly fenders

The fenders on our tow dolly are mostly plastic, go figure.  The left fender on our tow dolly had been badly damaged when we blew a tire last fall in Texas and I had to use a lot of duct tape to get it to hold together long enough for us to get to Arizona.  The right fender wasn’t as badly damaged but the front lights were hanging on with duct tape.

Blown tire on our tow dolly

A couple of weeks ago I ordered new fenders from an RV place in Tucson and they came in last week.  It’s been in the upper 80’s and low 90’s lately but today there are scattered clouds and a nice breeze so I thought it would be a good day to replace the fenders.


I already knew I had to remove the tires to get at the bolts holding the fenders in place so I borrowed the jack from the Transit.  Fortunately I have a couple sets of really large socket wrenches (I bought them just before we moved into our motor home and I’m not sure what I was expecting to do with them, but they really came in handy today) so I was able to get all the nuts and bolts off the old fenders and then back on the new fenders relatively easily.


Replacing the fenders cost more than I would’ve liked (a bit over $400 with shipping and tax) but we really couldn’t drive around with the old fenders any more.  This was the last major thing I need to do before we leave for the summer.  Still a lot of small cleaning-up and putting-away jobs but we’ll probably save those for our last couple of days before we hit the road.

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