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Prickly Pear Flowers

It is late spring and the cactus have started to bloom.  It’s been a couple of years since we last went to the eastern side of the Saguaro National Park so we thought it would be a good time to go again.


In the park it was mostly the prickly pear cactus that was flowering.

Saguaro_Park_East_02_Prickly_Pear_FlowersAnd even there, they had just started blooming and there were a lot of flow buds that hadn’t opened yet.

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We hitched our Transit

We tow our Ford Transit on a car dolly behind our motor home (it can’t be flat-towed).  I usually look for RV parks that have pull-through sites so we don’t have to unhook our dolly.  Over the last year or two however, we stayed at some RV parks where the sites were either all back-in or too short to leave our dolly attached.  There have also been a couple RV parks were I had to take the car and dolly off the motor home a distance away from our site and then somehow drag the dolly the rest of the way by hand.  The car dolly weighs around 750 pounds and trying to get it uphill or through gravel can be real hard work.

Anyway, I had an epiphany a short time ago and tried to think if there was a reason we couldn’t put a tow hitch on the Transit and use it to move the tow dolly around when we had to.  I checked with a local installer and they actually had tow hitch kits designed specifically for the Transit (go figure, the manual says you really aren’t supposed to tow anything with a Transit) and yesterday I had them install it.


Theoretically, the trailer hitch is rated for towing up 3500 pounds but I’d never try that with the Transit, and since there is so much room inside the Transit anyway, I’m not sure why we’d need a trailer in the first place.  But what it will do is make it much, much easier for us to drop the Transit and the tow dolly off a distance away from our site and then use the Transit to move the dolly wherever it needs to go.

Pima County Fair

The Pima County Fair is at the (where else) the Pima County Fairgrounds about 25 miles from where our motor home is parked and since it’s been a while since we last went to a county fair (not counting the Big-E which is a multi-state Fair) we decided to take it in.


We went on a weekday and missed most of the crowds.  One of the local TV stations has been regularly doing their evening news broadcast from there, we’ve seen that it is much more crowded during the evening, both because it is cooler but also because the kids are out of school.


What it mostly reminded us of was a carnival.  At least three-quarters of the fair was devoted to a Midway with lots of games of chance (certainly not games of skill, we saw several times where the games look easy at first glance but when you looked closer you could see some tricks that made winning almost impossible) and various rides.


Off to one side however, we found an exhibit from a local club, Power from the Past, which had all sorts of old steam and gas engines.


There were lots of tractors, of all different vintages, in all different conditions.

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