Saguaro SKP 25th Anniversary Parade

This is our second winter at the Saguaro SKP Park in Benson, Arizona.  The park was established by a group of Escapee’s and the first dirt was moved in 1989.  Much of the work was done by the first leaseholders who established a strong volunteer ethic that has been the hallmark of the park ever since.

This week has been the 25th anniversary of the official opening of the park and there have been a number of events and celebrations.  Yesterday was the park’s first parade and Susan was a participant.


There were over two dozen vehicles in the parade.


There was a running skit with Keystone Cops who would ‘arrest’ people along the route and their ‘prisoner’ escaped regularly.


The Misfit Beauty Pageant winner, Mis Shapen, graciously gave everyone the Queen’s wave during the parade.


A number of people accompanied the parade in costume.  The winners were the Poodle People.


There was a party/reception later in the afternoon and then dancing to the music of the live rock and roll band, the Retro Rockets.  There was a good time had by all.

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