Eastport Pirate Festival, 2014

The Pirate Festival is probably Eastport’s biggest event of the year.  All the locals seems to participate in it and it draws a lot of visitors.  The campground we are staying in went from less than half full to completely full in a day and we’re glad we had reservations far enough in advance to have a spot.

A lot of people that come to the Pirate Festival have put together elaborate costumes so people watching is a big part of the fun.

Eastport Pirate Parade 06

Eastport Pirate Parade 04

Eastport Pirate Parade 09

Eastport Pirate Parade 05

Almost all the local businesses have a float in the Pirate Parade and lots of organizations join in as well.

Eastport Pirate Parade 08

Eastport Pirate Parade 02

Eastport Pirate Parade 01

Eastport Pirate Parade 10

Eastport Pirate Parade 03

And of course you know you’re in Maine when the LL Bean boot shows up as well.

Eastport Pirate Parade 11

It’s a fun event and we’re glad we made it here this year.  The weather wasn’t as good as it could have been since it was overcast most of the day, but it didn’t rain and nobody seemed to mind.

Eastport has undergone a revival since we started coming almost ten years ago.  They are erecting a visitor’s center near the public pier (with public bathrooms!) and there are plans to deepen the harbor so that cruise ships can dock at the pier as well.  We like Eastport and the surrounding area and it remains our favorite spot in Maine.

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