Monthly Archives: August 2014

Rachel and Scott visit

Rachel and Scott drove up from Boston to visit us in Eastport.  They stayed in a local B&B and we fed them from our grill while they were here.  It was overcast but otherwise nice and we spent most of the day outside talking.

Unfortunately the photos didn’t come out all that well.  I’d like to blame somebody else but it was my camera and believe it or not these are the best of all of those taken.

Rachel and Scott


Richard, Rachel and Susan
Richard, Rachel and Susan

Waste not, want not

We saw grasses growing next to the highway all through South Dakota.  They weren’t weeds, but looked a lot more like escaped crops.  It’s even possible that they had been planted deliberately because in several places we saw them being harvested and rolled up like alfalfa or other feed grains.  Regardless, of how it got there it is apparent that the South Dakotans are very frugal and didn’t let it go to waste.

Waste not want not

Gated highways

We saw these gates across the highways all through Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota. The highway on-ramps also had gates and signs that said that ignoring them would get you a $1000 fine.

Gated Highway

They close the gates during the winter when the blizzards have dropped so much snow so fast that they can’t keep the highways plowed.  And here we thought winters in New England were bad!  We’re even happier knowing we’re going to be spending the winter far, far away from gates like these.