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Monument Valley really is monumental

We feel like we stepped into the pages of a National Geographic magazine (although their photographers get to wait until the weather is perfect before taking their photos).

Monument Valley 01
View across Monument Valley on a dusty day

It was very windy the first two days we were in Monument Valley.  Even though the RV park we stayed at is tucked back in a canyon and somewhat protected there were times the whole motor home was strongly rocked by the wind.   The first day there was so much dust in the air that it was hard to make out the rock formations.

Monument Valley 03
The Three Sisters

It was still dusty the second day we drove down to the Navajo Welcome Center.   There is a dirt road that goes down and around the rock formations but at the Welcome Center we were warned that we should only drive on it if we had a 4-wheel drive vehicle, so we arranged a private tour with one of the guides there instead.

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Planes of Fame Air Museum, Valle, Arizona

The Planes of Fame Air Museum is about halfway between Williams, Arizona where we are staying and the Grand Canyon.  We had passed it on our way to the Grand Canyon a couple of days ago and today we went back.

Planes of Fame Susan

It is not a large museum, certainly a lot smaller than the  Naval Air Museum in Pensacola, Florida and the Pima Air Museum near Tucson.  There was a fairly eclectic collection of about 40 planes on display, most of them inside a large hanger.

Powered drone from the 1940's.
Powered target drone from the 1940’s.

The planes were from WWI through the 1970’s.  They seem to have been arranged more by size than anything else, with the smaller planes mostly around the edges and the medium-sized planes in the center.  The one large plane (the one Susan is under) was in a corner.

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Grand, Grand Canyon

We are staying at an RV park in Williams, Arizona and today we drove to the Grand Canyon which is around 50 miles away.  An uneventful ride on a road that was created when a civil engineer put a straightedge on the map, drew a line and said put the road here.   We’re at 6000 feet in Northern Arizona and it’s not as much desert as it is near Tucson, but it’s still pretty dry.  The ride started off in dry grasslands and low shrubs and slowly changed over to a pine forest as we got closer to the Grand Canyon.   We parked at the Visitors Center and walked over to the South Rim trail which is a paved path that goes along the edge of the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon 01

The South Rim Trail has many panoramic views along the way.  There is little I can say about the Grand Canyon that hasn’t been said before.   It’s probably also one of the most photographed places in the world so there is nothing new in the photos I took.

Grand Canyon 02

There was an ampitheater created out of stone at the east end of the Trail and we just sat there for over half an hour, drinking in the scenery.

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