Susan’s new shelf

Susan and I traded which side of the bed we sleep on several months ago.  The side she started out on had a shelf and drawers next to it (which is why she got it) but it also had a step near the foot of the bed she had to get up and down.  Her balance and strength have decreased a bit and she no longer felt safe having to use the step, particularly at night, so we traded sides.

She had to give up her shelf, however, and I’ve been trying to figure out how to give her a shelf ever since.  I’ve gone through several different designs and even bought the material for one of them but I wasn’t happy with what I’d come up with.  I’m not sure where the idea for this design came from but once it came to me I knew it was the right one.

Susans Shelf

Part of the problem is that the wardrobe on her left (our right) is mostly thin plywood veneer and there are only two places where the wood is structurally strong enough to attach anything and that is at the very back and at the very front.  The design had to work with this and so the shelf is supported on the ends, but not in the middle.  The shelf has a lip around the sides and front so things won’t fall off and I combined the support for one end of the shelf with a handle to make it easier for her to get in and out of bed.  I used the same polyurethane stain and coating that I did for the handle I put above the bed and it fits in with the motorhome’s existing wood work quite well.   We’re happy with the way it turned out and Susan now has a shelf again.

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