Susan’s new handle

Susan and I switched which side of the bed we sleep on several months ago because the side she had been on has a step and she was having difficulties getting up and down it. This made it easier for her to get in and out of bed but she also has a teflon tush and when she slides down she no longer has anything to hold on to that would help her get back up. The cabinetry in our motor home (and this really applies to all trailers and motor homes) needs to be as light as possible and so it is made of very thin veneered plywood over an internal framework. I looked for places we could attach something that Susan would be able to grab while in bed and fortunately, just on the inside of the cabinets above our bed there was a very sturdy framework although it was a bit narrow (~1″). We tried looking at both Home Depot and Lowes but we couldn’t find any handle that was anywhere near the dimensions that were needed so I decided to make on.

Susans handle before installation

I took a 24x1x3″ piece of oak and used a handheld jig saw to cut out the handle openings. I then smoothed the edges with a curved router bit and then used a drill press to drill the holes for 3″ brass screws.  I sanded the oak and then put two coatings of a combination stain and polyurethane on it, letting it dry a day and sanding it in-between.  Today, it was all done and ready to be installed.

Susans handlle mounted


I pre-drilled the holes for the screws, coated the tips of each screw with Elmer’s glue and then used my drill to mount it.

Susan using her handle

And here is how Susan will be able to use it.

My next project is a shelf for Susan’s bedside where she can put kleenex, her phone, her jewelry and the other stuff she needs.


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