Keeping warm

We’re settling in for the winter in Benson, Arizona.   Another cold front has come out of the northwest and we’re expecting night time temperatures in the 20’s for the next several days.  Heating with electricity is relatively expensive and our rooftop heat pumps (which are our air conditioners in the summer) only work when the outside temperature is above 40.

Propane tank 1
Our new propane tank being delivered

The propane tank built into our motor home holds 25 gallons.  When we’re using the propane for just hot water and the stove that amount of propane usually lasts two months or longer.  As soon as we start using it for heating the motor home though, it starts disappearing quickly.  We had our propane tank filled about two weeks ago just as the first cold front came through while we were in New Mexico and even though we’ve had a lot of warm days and nights since then it’s just about empty now.  I had expected to fill it when we got to Benson but we got here on a Sunday and the local propane dealer was closed. Even if  I had gotten it filled however, I wouldn’t want to have to move the motor home just to get the propane tank filled every week or two so I arranged for the rental of a large propane tank for us.

Propane tank 2
Our new propane tank in place next to the motor home.

It holds 125 gallons of propane and the company that rented it to us will refill it whenever it gets low and we get a lower price per gallon since we’ll be buying it in quantity.   This is our first winter in Arizona and although the days are okay (sunny and temps usually in the 50’s and 60’s) it can get cold overnight.  I have no idea how long this amount of propane will last, but having this much of a reserve and not having to move the motor home will make dealing with the cold a lot easier.

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