Windmills around Corpus Christi

There is a very large wind farm near Corpus Christi. There were places where it stretched to the horizon. We were unable to count all of them, but there were probably a couple hundred windmills. It was hard to tell how tall they were since they were all quite a distance from the highway. We’ve been by a couple wind farms in Nova Scotia and were able to get close to individual windmills and some of them were very tall. These seemed a bit shorter but that just may be the distance. I really don’t what the people on Cape Cod are complaining about. They were actually picturesque and when we’ve been close to them in the past they were relatively quiet. Cars on the street make more noise.

Corpus Christi Windmills 2b


Corpus Christi Windmills 1


Corpus Christi Windmills 3

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