Corpus Christi Aquarium

The aquarium in Corpus Christi is located on the north side of the city and was about a 25 mile drive away from where we were camped in Rockport. It was smaller than the aquariums we’ve seen in Charleston SC or Monterey CA but it was nicely put together and well managed.  The aquarium showed mainly local fish in local habitats; salt marsh, near shore and off-shore. Since oil rigs have developed their own ecology they showed that as well. There was a special exhibit of Amazonian fish, frogs, birds and snakes.

Corpus Christi Aquarium 4

Corpus Christi Aquarium 2 

Corpus Christi Aquarium 1 

They had an otter pool with lots of nooks and crannies and a water slide for the resident otters. They had a pair of dolphins and put on a small show with them mid-afternoon.

Corpus Christi Aquarium 5

Corpus Christi Aquarium 3

The ground floor had a children’s water park that is open when it is warmer. There were manta ray and shark petting pools and at feeding time they let you buy a packet of their food and feed it to them.

The aircraft carrier Lexington was next door. We didn’t get a chance to visit it during our stay but will save it for the next time we are there.

Corpus Christi Aquarium 6 

We’d give it an A for accessibility. There was an elevator that let us get to all the floors and the bathrooms were handicap accessible. 

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