Southern Texas Oaks

This area of the Texas coast has a lot of oak trees. We stayed at the Ancient Oaks RV part and a lot of the RV parks around here have ‘oak’ in their name; Southern Oaks, Coastal Oaks, Enchanted Oaks, Hidden Oaks. They (the oaks not the RV parks) are low and gnarled with small leaves. I don’t know if that is because of the soil which is very sandy or the constant wind or just the species. There is a bird that seems to like the oaks (boat-tailed grackle?) that makes an odd call that sounds like plastic crumpling as well as a screech. This must be mating season because a lot of these birds have staked out a branch near the top of a tree and call back and forth.

Oaks 1 Oaks 2

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