Change in Allegiance

Lots of RV-ers have signs on their motor homes or trailers as a way of introducing yourself to your neighbors. I made the first sign for us about six years ago with a Dremel tool. We took it with us on our travels across New England and Canada and used up until the time we sold our house, a bit over a year ago.  


We officially became Texans last April and during our stay in Livingston over December and January I finally had time to make a new sign for us. It’s about twice the size of the old sign. I think its pretty classy, if I do say so myself. I designed both signs using Printmaster and transferred the designs from paper to the boards using carbon paper. I had gotten a small router a while back and used it to do the roughing out and the bigger letters, and then the Dremel to get in between the smaller letters. We’ve been putting it on the front dashboard of the motor home where you can see it through the windshield.


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