Finally in Florida!

Welcome to Florida

Our repairs were finished at the Tiffin factory on Tuesday morning. We filled the motor home with propane, water and diesel fuel and left Red Bay, Alabama around noon time. It felt awfully good to be back on the road again.

We were in Red Bay for 5-1/2 weeks which is far longer than we expected to be there. On the plus side, however, our motor home has been brought completely up to par, so I expect us to be able to go a long way before needing anything done.

We got as far as Montgomery, Alabama the first night, and made it the rest of the way to Carabelle, Florida by Wednesday evening. The first thing we did when crossing into Florida was to change into shorts, sandals and short-sleeved shirts because it was really warm by that time and it felt good to get comfortable!

Carabelle is a small town with only one supermarket but at least a half a dozen restaurants. We went to a barbecue place last night. The food was okay, but I think we’ll try some of the other restaurants before we go back. This area of Florida is called the “forgotten coast” because there isn’t a lot of tourism here, but that in itself is one of the reasons we came this way rather than further south.

We are staying at the Carabelle Beach RV resort, which is about 2 miles west of Carrabelle. We are right across the road from a lovely beach which goes for a couple miles in both directions. I took a long walk this morning while the sun was coming up and Susan was still sleeping. I can’t say the water is overly warm, but it is warmer than the ocean water on the California coast that we used to swim in the summer when we were kids.

The campground is nicely landscaped as befits anything calling itself a “resort”. There is a swimming pool and activity room on the grounds. We have a good campsite with a level concrete pad. We are about 60 miles from Tallahassee and 20 miles from Apalachicola. Despite being on the “forgotten coast” there looks like there is a lot to do in the area.

Florida Campsite

Our first day here has started off well. Sunny with temperatures in the 70’s. It cools off fast when the sun goes down, but the overnight temperature is going to be in the 50’s. When we left Red Bay there was ice in the puddles so this is real improvement.

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