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2011 was an exceptionally eventful year for Susan and me.

The theme of the year was set in December 2010 when Susan and I decided that I would retire and that we would sell the house and hit the road in a RV full-time. There have been a lot of speed bumps along the way and we’ve spent the entire year trying to fulfill that goal.

In early January, Susan and I went to the first RV show of the year in downtown Boston. I had been researching RV’s extensively and had come to the conclusion that because of Susan’s mobility problems a motor home was a better idea than a trailer, and that a Class-A diesel pusher was best in terms of quality and durability. At the show Susan had a chance to get into several Class-A motor homes and get an idea of what they were like inside.

In mid-January I gave notice to my administrator, Courtney, and to my medical advisers, David and Doug that after working there for twenty-one years I would be leaving Beth Israel Deaconess hospital. I said that I would be staying until the beginning of June to help with the transition. They were surprised but gracious. I offered to continue performing PFT interpretations on-line, which they happily accepted. I spent a lot of my time in my last months there finishing the PFT Technician training manual I had started a year before. Christy, my lead technician, applied for my job and got the position.

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Finally in Florida!

Welcome to Florida

Our repairs were finished at the Tiffin factory on Tuesday morning. We filled the motor home with propane, water and diesel fuel and left Red Bay, Alabama around noon time. It felt awfully good to be back on the road again.

We were in Red Bay for 5-1/2 weeks which is far longer than we expected to be there. On the plus side, however, our motor home has been brought completely up to par, so I expect us to be able to go a long way before needing anything done.

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