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In the snow in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania


We left Massachusetts on Thursday, thinking we would be ahead of any snow.  Well, partly true.  We missed the first small storm that left a dusting of snow in New England, but got to Gettsyburg, Pennsylvania on Friday afternoon just in time for the real big storm.  We got here in time to stock up on food and propane so we’re fine, but basically we spent all of Saturday indoors.  I used the time to catch up on laundry and housecleaning and did some baking.  Jim Cantore from the Weather Channel was broadcasting from Harrisburg about 25 miles away all day, which tells you we were pretty much ground zero for the storm in this area.  We got about 4 inches of wet snow, but it is melting fast.  We lost power a couple of times, not that it matters to us since if I hadn’t noticed that the power lights were out on our surge protector we wouldn’t have known it had happened (remember, everything in the motor home runs on battery power and we have a generator as well).  Tomorrow, Monday, we will be heading further South.

The only thing about that was bad about this is that I had promised Susan that there would be no snow in her future, so we’ve started our road trip by not being able to keep that promise.  Next year we will definitely start heading South a lot sooner.   

We did have one significant problem which is that we lost a side panel off the motor home somewhere on our drive Friday.  This is a fixed panel on the passenger side that covers the black and grey water tanks and one of the furnaces.  It looks like the forward clips broke somehow and when the panel opened slightly, the wind caught it and ripped it off.  We drove over 200 miles on Friday and have no idea where this happened since we never heard or felt anything.  I called the Tiffin factory to see about getting a replacement but it was after hours and all I could do was to leave a message.  The factory is in Red Bay, Alabama and we are already headed more or less in that direction so when I talk to their service department on Monday I am going to see if we can just drive there this week and have them fix it.

Neal’s 57th birthday

There was a get-together in Longmeadow for Neal’s 57th birthday.  Honey and all of his brothers and sisters and their families were able to come.  Neal was, of course, very (not) surprised and was embarrassed at the appropriate moments when we all sang ‘Happy Birthday’.  Neal’s birthday cake was actually cupcakes spelling out the letter ‘N’ with just one candle, probably because if there was a candle for every birthday it would have been a fire hazard.

The birthday boy.  


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