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How the Handicap Lift was installed in our motor home

This is how we attached our CoachLift handicap lift to our Tiffin Phaeton motor home.

The handicap lift consists of a chair that fits on an articulated arm.  The arm rides up and down in a screw drive.  This arrangement allows the seat to swing all the way inside the motor home when it is at the top of the screw drive and outside when it is at the bottom of the screw drive. The lift is installed just in front of the passenger seat.


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Susan – up, up and away in her new handicap lift

It took a while to arrange everything but we have finally had a handicap lift installed on our motor home. It is a CoachLift and was installed by RideAway in North Attleboro, Massachusetts. It was a custom installation (all handicap lifts are) and their technical staff did a wonderful job with it. Rick in particular was very knowledgeable and meticulous. It is mounted just inside the front door of the motor home and has a chair seat on an articulating arm that rides a screw lift. It is a tight fit and we have to be careful while the seat and arm are going up or down that they don’t get caught under or over things like the dashboard or the door latch. It is also a bit on the noisy side and as Susan said, we don’t want to use it during ‘Quiet Time’ in the campgrounds. Nevertheless, it was real important to us that we got this installed before really heading out on the road.

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Here in northern Maine (and most particularly during Winter) it feels like you’re a lot closer to the North Pole than the equator, but actually about halfway between Eastport and Calais we cross the 45th latitude where there is a roadside marker that celebrates this. The inscription on the marker reads “This Stone Marks Latitude 45 North. Halfway from the Equator to the Pole. 1896”.

Somehow, though, as hard as I try it still seems like it’s a lot further to the equator than it does to the North Pole. The furthest north we’ve been while RV’ing was to Carrollton, New Brunswick which is at latitude 48 degrees and about 400 miles further north than where we are now. I’d like to get to Newfoundland someday, but the northernmost point there is 51 degrees, so I guess there’s still a long ways to go before we’d make it to the North Pole.