Monthly Archives: August 2011

Giant Mutant Blueberries

It is blueberry season in Maine. Although blueberries are great in muffins and shortbread and I add dried blueberries to my granola, I doubt that these particular blueberries are edible. Also, since each of these is about a foot in diameter, think about how big that muffin would have to be!


They are actually floats for a fishing net. I found this pile while walking near our campground in Eastport, Maine. We are back in Eastport for the Salmon Festival, which is next weekend on September 3rd and 4th, and to escape Hurricane Irene.

Our Empty House

Our house is for sale and we’ve spent this week emptying our house so that it will be ready for prospective buyers.  We had already given away a lot of what we had, but there was still a lot left over.  Yesterday we had a cleanout crew come and take everything out of the house and fill a (large) dumpster.  Today we had a pressure washing crew clean the outside of the house and the deck, and a rug cleaning crew to clean the carpeting.  Tomorrow we will have a house cleaning crew in, and then we should be done.

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