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Bridge of Flowers, and potholes


We’re at a campground in East Charlemont just off of Route 2 in the northwestern corner of Massachusetts . Shelburne Falls is a couple of miles away east of us and is a small town somewhere between shabby and picturesque. There are more arts and craft galleries in town than anything else so I suspect the residents would much prefer picturesque.

The Bridge of Flowers is what used to be a trolley bridge across the Deerfield river. When the trolley line went bust in 1928 the Women’s Club started planting flowers on it. It is about a 100 yards long and wheelchair accessible so Susan and took a stroll across and back. It was very pretty and it is apparent they have planned well. I don’t think they repeated a single flower variety more than a couple of times. There were even a couple of trees and several good sized bushes and vines. We would have liked to stop and look more carefully at times but we came on a Sunday and it was somewhat crowded. The path was not very wide and Susan’s wheelchair made too good a roadblock for us to be able to tarry in any one spot too long.


Months before I retired I knew that we were going to have to do some serious downsizing in order to be able to live full time on the road in our motor home. As so many ventures do, downsizing started out looking like something that would be reasonably easy and straightforward. Virtuously, I even thought that this was actually an opportunity to pare down our extra possessions to what we actually needed and used.

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