All of the technicians at the BIDMC PFT Lab were suspended!

I started the suspender habit after my brother, Kevin’s wedding in 1983. All of the male members of the wedding party had to wear tuxedos, and suspenders were part of the outfit. At the end of the day I realized that I hadn’t had to pull my pants up once and that the reason was the suspenders I was wearing.   Being of practical nature, I started wearing suspenders all the time and have continued to do so since then.

I really don’t know why more men don’t wear suspenders, but I was about the only person I knew at BIDMC that regularly wore suspenders, so I guess I got a bit of a reputation for doing this (“oh yeah, the guy with the suspenders and pony tail”).  I have about two dozen suspenders, all different color and patterns although I was usually pretty conservative in what I wore to work.  As one of the parting gift to my technicians, I got them all suspenders and tried to get ones that matched their personalities.  

From left to right, Emily, Tyler, Theresa, Christy, Erin and Patrick.

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