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Salmon Pens Being Towed

This morning, a small boat chugged by slowly towing three salmon pens (cages).  There is an active salmon farming operation nearby in Black’s Harbor, New Brunswick and they were probably headed that way.  They were round and were probably about 50 or 60 feet in diameter.  This may not be an unusual sight for those living in this area, but it’s something I had not seen before.



Cutler Hometown?

Cutler is a small fishing town on the Maine coast between Lubec and Machias.  

The story on the Cutler family name is that Abraham Cutler, Susan’s grandfather, emigrated from Russia in the 1920’s but actually entered the United States via Canada.  Abraham’s real last name is not known for sure because he either took the last name of Cutler or was given it by an immigration officer.  We’ve never been able verify any of the information about Abraham Cutler and he never wrote anything down, but the area of Maine that we are in now has many small seaports and it would have been easy for somebody to take a coastal ship from New Brunswick or Nova Scotia into the US in the 1920’s.  Could this be where the family name comes from?  Unlikely, but you never know.

Shakedown Cruise to Eastport, Maine

We left last Tuesday morning on our first real trip with our new motorhome.  I had hooked up Susan’s car the night before we left so all we had to do when we woke up was to shower and get dressed.  I had been worried about getting out of the driveway because the motor home with Susan’s car is about 60 feet long, but we cleared the trees and end of the driveway just fine.

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Our new home

us and our new home3

I officially retired on June 3rd, 2011 after spending almost 40 years in the field of Pulmonary Function Testing.  I fell into this line of work in 1970 and never managed to leave it.  Now that I’ve grown up I will figure out something else to do. I will continue in a supporting role for the PFT Lab at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, but this will be part-time and on-line.  We still have to sell the house and tidy up all the loose ends, but we plan on leaving for the first trip in our motor home in a week.  The only future travel plans we’ve made are to be somewhere warm in the winter and somewhere cool in the summer. There’s a lot to see in the USA and its hard to know where to start. 

All of the technicians at the BIDMC PFT Lab were suspended!

I started the suspender habit after my brother, Kevin’s wedding in 1983. All of the male members of the wedding party had to wear tuxedos, and suspenders were part of the outfit. At the end of the day I realized that I hadn’t had to pull my pants up once and that the reason was the suspenders I was wearing.   Being of practical nature, I started wearing suspenders all the time and have continued to do so since then.

I really don’t know why more men don’t wear suspenders, but I was about the only person I knew at BIDMC that regularly wore suspenders, so I guess I got a bit of a reputation for doing this (“oh yeah, the guy with the suspenders and pony tail”).  I have about two dozen suspenders, all different color and patterns although I was usually pretty conservative in what I wore to work.  As one of the parting gift to my technicians, I got them all suspenders and tried to get ones that matched their personalities.  

From left to right, Emily, Tyler, Theresa, Christy, Erin and Patrick.